The easiest thing you can do

A child is a gift. They are a reflection of us as a parent and a human being. Raising them is challenging. They look at you for guidance, love, compassion, and they learn everything from your behavior. They also can really test your patience and drive you batty. That is the joy of parenting. It is a rollercoaster of challenges and rewards. It is worth every moment.

My wife and I were driving home with our son and had reach the corner to turn home. From his carseat, we hear a simple question. “Bridge?” So, I turn to my wife and ask her if we wanted to go. We were hungry, tired, and ready to relax. She smiled and said “Why not? Lets go.” Near our house is a beautiful beach. At the beach, there is a large bridge that passes over the water. He loves that bridge. As we drove passed our turn to head to the beach, he became happy and laughed in the backseat. When we arrived at the beach, he got excited and pointed at the bridge, saying it over and over. We drove under it, cruised through the beach, and went home. He was happy. That made us happy.

So what is the easiest thing you can do for your child? Show interest and excitement in what they enjoy. Be a part of their world. We often get so wrapped up in being an adult, we forget that this tiny person needs us. They need us to reaffirm their interests and nourish their passion. That one moment may seem small, but his excitement for that bridge, and our willingness to go to it, shows that we care and that his interests mean something. We try to get excited when he sees an airplane, a big truck, or a race car. We play with his toys when he asks, and we encourage his coloring. We do the same with my daughter. We show excitement and approval when she does something she enjoys. The result? She is driven to do those things more and become better at them. Her art excels and she loves to read. She has become a brilliant problem solver and destroys me at video games. And most importantly, she is happy.

Take some time to slow down being an adult and be a part of their life. That moment can nourish their entire future. Besides, we all need a break from adulting. Be a child with your child. Get caught up in their moment. I know I do.

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